About Dearborn Eyecare

General Optometry located in Dearborn, MI

Family smiling

Dearborn Eyecare is a new optometry practice that offers Dearborn, Michigan, patients quality comprehensive eye care in one convenient location. Led by Bashir Tarraf, OD, the team offers eye exams, glasses, and soft contact lenses at the office. 

In addition, the practice specializes in medically necessary contact lenses. This type of contact lens can help with conditions, like keratoconus, in which the eye’s cornea bulges. Dearborn Eyecare also offers myopia control contacts that prevent the progression of nearsightedness. 

Dearborn Eyecare treats eye conditions like red eye, dry eyes, diabetic eye disease, and macular degeneration. Many eye conditions respond positively to in-office and at-home treatments like eye drops.

Severe eye disease may require advanced care like intraocular injections or surgery. In those situations, Dearborn Eyecare refers patients to a trusted ophthalmologist specializing in that care. 

The bilingual Dearborn Eyecare staff speaks English and Arabic. They’re now welcoming patients, so call to schedule an appointment or click on the online scheduling link today.