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Glasses services offered in Dearborn, MI

Glasses are a simple, fuss-free way to improve your vision. If you need a new prescription, Dearborn Eyecare in Dearborn, Michigan, can help. Bashir Tarraf, OD, and his team provide comprehensive eye exams to determine which type of vision correction is best for you. No matter what your needs, the team can craft custom-made glasses you're sure to love. Ready for a new pair of glasses? Call the office today or request an appointment online.

Glasses Q & A

What are glasses?

Glasses are the simplest way to correct most minor vision problems. Since they're simple to use, glasses are ideal for both adults and children. Unlike contact lenses, glasses don't need any special cleaning solutions. It's easy to put on or remove your glasses as needed.

At Dearborn Eyecare, each pair of prescription glasses is designed just for you. First, your provider determines what type of vision correction you need. They create a prescription that delivers exceptional results. Next, the team helps you choose your frames and explore specialty lenses.

How do glasses work?

Your eyes absorb light and focus it on your retina. From there, your eyes create a message and send it to your brain. Most vision problems occur when your eye cannot focus light on the retina. If you have trouble seeing clearly, you may have eyeballs that are too short or too long. 

Glasses correct your vision by adjusting the way your eyes absorb light. The lenses help focus light onto your retina so you can see more clearly.

How does my provider determine the right prescription?

At Dearborn Eyecare, you receive an in-depth eye exam. During your exam, the team takes a series of measurements using special tools. Your provider also checks for eye disease or other chronic conditions. Eye disease is sometimes responsible for changes in your vision.

Throughout your evaluation, your provider uses high-quality equipment. These tools allow your provider to determine your prescription. Your feedback is also important during this process. As part of your exam, your provider may ask if certain lenses make it easier or harder for you to see. 

If you're seeking long-term vision correction, LASIK surgery may be another option. The team can help you determine whether you're a good candidate for LASIK.

What follow-up care do I need for glasses?

After your exam, you can explore and choose the frames you like best. Your glasses are custom-made. Sunglasses, progressive lenses, and safety lenses are also available. 

Once your glasses are ready, the team makes sure that they fit well. They also help you schedule your next eye exam. 

Are you looking for a new pair of glasses? Let Dearborn Eyecare help you find your ideal fit. Call the office today or request an appointment online.