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Post-Operative Care services offered in Dearborn, MI

Excellent post-operative care is crucial for getting the best results from your eye surgery. At Dearborn Eyecare in Dearborn, Michigan, experienced optometrist Bashir Tarraf, OD, provides the finest care for eye surgery candidates. The team performs exams to assess your candidacy for surgery, helps you prepare for surgery, and then supports you through your surgical recovery. Book your appointment online or call the office to schedule your visit today.

Post-Operative Care Q & A

What is post-operative care?

Post-operative care is medical care following surgery. It’s a significant aspect of surgical co-management, in which separate medical providers work together to ensure you get the best care before, during, and after the procedure. 

The Dearborn Eyecare team sees patients both before eye surgery (pre-op evaluations) and after surgery (post-operative care). The providers co-manage your care with your ophthalmologic surgeon to ensure the best outcome. 

When might I need post-operative care?

You’ll need post-operative care after eye surgeries such as: 

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)
LASIK is a procedure to correct your vision. If you currently wear glasses or contacts, LASIK can help you see without them. You need careful monitoring following LASIK to ensure complete healing and optimal vision, which is why your post-operative appointments are so essential. 

Cataract surgery
With cataract surgery, your surgeon removes your cataract and implants an intraocular lens (IOL) that corrects your vision. As with LASIK, you need medical care tailored for the procedure following your cataract surgery. After your surgery and post-operative care, you’ll be able to see clearly again. 

You also need post-operative care after other procedures, such as laser eye treatments for diabetic retinopathy or surgical removal of foreign bodies in the eye. Generally, any eye surgery requires post-operative care. 

What does post-operative care encompass?

After your surgery, you’ll typically return home to rest for the remainder of the day. You’ll come in for your first post-op appointment one or two days after your eye surgery.  

The team removes the eye shield you wore home from surgery. Your provider checks your eyesight and examines your eye to make sure you’re healing well. 

If you have any issues, such as dry eyes or red eyes, your provider may prescribe lubricant eye drops. The team also offers specific instructions for eye care over the next couple of weeks, which usually include avoiding getting water in your eye and refraining from rubbing your eyes. 

Your provider also gives you clearance to resume driving and other regular activities as soon as it’s safe. 

With post-operative care at Dearborn Eyecare, you’ll get the best results from your eye surgery. Call the office or click the online booking link to make your appointment today.